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Friday, August 26, 2005

Invading Italians

Tonight I went with Noor and her Italian friends Matteo and Lucca to Mad Dog in the Fog, an English pub. We went with Ara, Vaman, Jimi, and Iris... and then all left to go across the street to eat at Mystic Pizza. Not the best pizza place, but I was starving and happy to eat. At the left you can see Ara the Swan searching for Pizza Pebbles. Apparently Swans like Ara eat Pizza Pebbles.

Oh yeah, and the pizza was called the Haight. We had a lot of fun calling people out when they spilled pizza on another. "Hey, why you gotta Haight on me?"

After that, Noor and I and the Italians all went to the Marina to Bar None, where, apparently, more Italian speaking people were hiding. I ran into a friend who went to Florence last spring (I keep seeing this girl in the randomest of places), and then, we met these kids from Chico who studied in Torino for 9 months. So, lots of Italians went around, and a few Hefeweizens.

As Vaman says, "everyone is united in my stomach." I like that thought. He says you can eat Pakistani and Indian food at the same time and feel happy.



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