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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Million Dollar Sandwich

So. Remember that time in your life when you went to a really good deli and had a really good sandwich and just couldn't stop thinking about how frickin' good that sandwich was? Day after day? Month after month? Year after... year?

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Million Dollar Sandwich. (note: the kit wasn't really a million dollars, but it sure as hell felt like it).

And there you go.

It all began when I started working in June, when I mentioned Zingerman's to my co-worker John. And then his face lit up, and said "my brother went to Michigan! I've eaten at the deli in person!" And so began the 10 week long journey towards pastrami freedom. It started off as a joke: haha, who's ever going to pay a hundred dollars for a mail-order sandwich...

Well, we did.

And we had great fun in the process. Check out the pictures: the entire process from box opening to finished product.

That gives you an idea of what we went through: nearly 2 hours slaving away with one toaster oven, a loaf of pumpernickel rye, one and a half pounds of Niman Ranch pastrami, 8 ounces of Emmentaler cheese, some russian dressing, and coleslaw. Oh yeah, and the Magic Brownies for dessert. Yummmmmy.

A pound of pastrami a day protects the people from pudding,



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